Advanced Knowledge & Information Nexus

AKIN is a powerful new Next-Generation Advanced Artificial Intelligence Software Technology.

AKIN Natural Language Processing

AKIN NLP delivers unprecedented levels of intelligence, accuracy, and performance. We invite you to tour our online interactive DEMOS. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding". If another software vendor won't let you play with their technology interactively and test its limits, there's a very good chance the software is much too brittle or delicate.  Our online demos give you a good sample of the kinds of results you can expect from AKIN.

Interactive Online Demos

High Level Features:
  • Built-In Artificial Intelligence
    • We've removed the need to do the expensive and time consuming work of feature engineering and extraction, testing and selecting machine learning algorithms and approaches, tagging tens or hundreds of thousands of records, and training ML Algorithms. Our AI Model allows you to simply configure/add the concepts you want to detect and AKIN can use that information in combination with its built-in intelligence to detect those concepts and make inferences and determinations with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Direct Injection of Knowledge
    • Sometimes you know exactly how you want the system to interpret some information or context, and you don't want it making probabilistic assessments. AKIN also supports explicit knowledge and rules.
  • Easy to configure and manage Domain Knowledge Models
    • Directly via API and Model Manager User Interface
  • Extremely tolerant of textual variations
    • Varied expressions, mispellings, and grammatical errors
  • Highly Transparent Model
    • Easy to find out why something was or was not detected, and make necessary adjustments or improvements
  • Built-In Native Concepts Types & Detection
    • Intents, Sentiment, Descriptors, Actions
    • Numbers, ordinals, dates/times, timespans, units of measure & account, assignment & equality operators, and grammatcial indicators
  • Customer defined custom entity types
    • Complex Entities with properties having multi-level hierarchies and multiple relationships
    • Graph + Hierarchical Relationships
  • Advanced Inferred Concept Detection
    • Some concepts are not explicitly stated but inferred based on the presence of other concepts and ideas
  • Command/Intent detection and user interaction
    • Detects concepts in large paragraphs or documents of text, as well as shorter user commands or intents equally well
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Highly Optimized Performance
    • In-memory distributed processing
    • Sub-second response times
  • Deploy Anywhere
    • API dll can be hosted on any .Net compatible platform in the cloud or on premises
  • Multi-lingual support
    • Although currently only certified for English, AKIN has been designed to work extremely well across cultural domains, including Asian languages.
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AKIN Core - Search/Match API

The AKIN Core Search/Match Harness API has been developed to allow businesses to quickly and easily host and harness the power of AKIN's core search/match functionality within their own businesses systems and processes.

Click here to learn more about how this API can help solve your business needs.

Additional business-specific products are also currently in development to compliment this initial release, with the objective of providing a comprehensive suite of components to help businesses accomplish their objectives.

AKIN Advanced Data Analytics & Profiling

The combination of our experience working with very large volume heterogeneous enterprise data systems and the AKIN Core technology converge in the development of a powerful new API to help businesses quickly inspect, analyze, and get a handle on the state of their current data quality.

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AKIN Desktop HyperSearch

A subset of the AKIN platform components have been harnessed into a consumer-based Desktop Discovery product called AKIN Desktop HyperSearch. It demonstrates the core of AKIN's discovery power. In particular, AKIN's ability to see deeply beyond textual variations/distortions that confound other search engines, more accurately and consistently assessing textual/lexical similarity and relevance, so that more often than not, the most similar and relevant results appear first at the top of the results list. Also, it demonstrates AKIN's ability to use domain knowledge bases to enhance semantic interpretation of user searches and data. Additionally, we've included in this product several UI/UX innovations in the way that information and search results are displayed, managed, and navigated.

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